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. >> estamos siguiendo la noticia . >> los inmigrantes asustados después de conocer la decisión que permite a las autoridades locales de ese estado preguntar por el estado de inmigración bajo la sospecha de ser indocumentado . >> les aconsejan en arizona que no entren en pánico porque la ley no es implementada y tienen derechnos . >> queremos que los indocumentados sepan que tienen derechos y pueden guardar silencio . >> para identificar pueden portar su pasaporte para dar la identifiacion que están aquí . >> presento la demanda contra la se4ccion de la ley y pide a la jueza bloquear. >> estamos decepcionados esta decisión llevara a discriminación por perfil racial . >> la jueza argumento que los abogados no pudieron probar que se violan los derechos de los inmigrantes . >> pero los demandantes no están de acuerdo . >> presentamos evidencia de casos no solo especificos . >> a pesar que la ley es bloqueada . >> cuando sea las organizaciones se cometeran abusos para interponer nuevas demandas y que se suspenda la ley . >> organizacióones piden que recuerden estar legal o no tendrán d
sunny. upper 70s to upper 80s inland. >>> good morning. commute getting underway with good news in the santa cruz mountains southbound 17 was closed most of it at night northbound lanes too all reopen in the santa cruz mountains both northbound and southbound smoothly this is the macarthur maze lane closure reopened traffic is flowing smoothly through there. bay bridge toll very light minor delay for cash paying folks. >>> we are continuing to follow developing news out of santa cruz county where a tanker fire shutdown highway 17 overnight in the last 20 minutes highway patrol reopened lanes. terry mcsweeney joins us live from there. >> reporter: if you -- southbound 17 absolutely wide open, chp gone, caltrans gone, everything flowing smoothly southbound and northbound a few minutes ago i saw the truck that was involved in that fire towed, southbound rather northbound towards san jose that caused a slow -- a bit of delay as chp escorted that burned tanker truck out of the santa cruz mountains. take a look from sky 7 hd pictures from last night 10:00 this is what it looked like.
in the 50s now through 7:00, by noon, more sun with upper 50s at the coast near 70 to 79 inland. by the afternoon warm inland with mid 80s, mid 70s comfortable around the bay, near 60 at the coast clouds start returning to the coast 7:00, mid 60s bay and comfortable mid 70s inland. it will be near normal with temperatures in the mid 80s inland in warmest spots mid top upper 70s bay mid to upper 50s at the coast mostly sunny tomorrow partly cloudy saturday more sunshine into sunday. >>> good morning. back to the santa cruz mountains where we had terry mcsweeney reporting live a few minutes ago that southbound 17 lanes are not yet reopened. we are getting conflicting reports from other agencies. live on the scene terry said they are not reopen. hoping to have the lanes reopened by 5:00 this morning. alternate would be old santa cruz highway to summit to get around or the longer way through half moon bay, 92 up and over san mateo and back down on 280 or 101 we'll be following this as soon as they open we'll let you know. police activity in oakland with macarthur west macarthur boul
, 50s, more sun by moon than yesterday warmer temperatures mid 80s by being, 70s bay 59 coast clouds at the coast 56 there by 7:00 around the bay 65 probably need a coat and 74 through the inland valleys during the evening. three-day forecast things are going to remain steady no wild swings in temperatures, no more thunderstorms, no more fire danger near normal with the coast mid to upper 50s mid to upper 70s bay and mid 80s inland. time for traffic. >>> good morning. back to the santa cruz mountains now highway 17 southbound closed big rig accident fire overnight, northbound lanes opened 1 a.m. southbound remains closed terry mcsweeney telling us hopefully chp wants those lanes open by 6:00 this morning, perhaps sooner we are following that. big rigs have no major alternate route except highway 92 from san mateo to half moon bay then highway 1 towards santa cruz. cars can use the old santa cruz highway for now, as an alternate around and we'll be following that once again. police activity in the oakland area has a "sig alert" eastbound 580 macarthur off-ramp closed west macarthur cl
the governments and the companies between the two sides. as the largest economy in the u.s., california boasts the resources and a strong advantage in high tech, bio-science, agriculture, fisheries, and the forestry, and even tourism. and in terms of cooperation with china, california enjoys exceptional economic, cultural, and geographical locations and advantages. it is always is the gateway of the united states to china. as the economic and trade cooperation between china and the united states and california deepens, now we believe that trade and investment keeps growing. china is the third largest export destination for california. many multinationals like hp, intel, cisco, and chevron are doing well in china. they're making money in china. at the same time, as the close relationship is going on, many chinese companies are working in san francisco in california. i would like to name a few. the tsl, ciuts, just to name a few. these are successful chinese companies working here. as the american companies in china, the chinese companies working in california in san francisco are also making co
. >>> in philadelphia bomb detecting dogs swept through u.s. airways flight 1267 after a bomb square. this was the scene early this morning at the philadelphia international airport. authorities say the flight heading to dallas returned to philadelphia shortly after tag off around 8:00 this morning. police were seen taking one man away in handcuffs. so far he has not been identified, nor has he been charged. all 69 passengers and five crew members got off the plane safely. right now there is no word that there were any explosives found. >>> a d.c. police officer shoots a pit bull that was running in anacostia. this happened around 7:00 this morning on 17th street southeast. neighbors called complaining about the dog. when an officer arrived on the scene, the dog started charging at the officer and also a 10- year-old girl who was walking by. police say the officer pulled the girl to safety and then shot the dog wounding the dog, not killing the dog. police said they are still investigating how this dog got away and was running around loose. so far no charges have been filed against the dog's owners. >>>
later. 60s, 70s and 80s. >> all right, thanks, steve. >>> here is a look at highway 24. traffic on the right-hand-side toward the caldecott tunnel and there no problems to report. 237 milpitas westbound traffic no problems. 5:00, let's head back to the desk. >> tracking developing news there. a man was stuck between buildings. for you we hear now we hear he may be a suspect. janine de la vega has this report. >> reporter: this rescue happened and it was dramatic because of that. he was stuck between this orchard supply and he was stuck between this indian market on the left and in between an 18 inch gap. now i am going to interview captain reggie williams with the san jose fire department who was called out here, a very strange call but can you tell me how challenging that rescue was? >> it was a very difficult challenge for us this morning. after 2:00 a.m. the police department summoned us for a ladder. we realized that and required rescue from them. we used 18 personnel along with that to get this gentlemen out. >> kind of a crazy story you were trying to figure out who -- how
one favoring there, so that, 50s there, and those are your temperatures in those areas. pretty good show in the sierra nevada and also in the mother load, for us though the clouds are increasing, and probably that but still leave it in there for one more day, anytime you have that it can do that, so a possibility of that mainly south but also east more so than just that. warmer inland, more showers today, showers, possible thunder showers, we are not out of the woods yet. temperatures there, but by the coast low clouds still so not much change there but i think with that it will do that. very cool readings, fog back then but it does look like pam, there but then kind of a ho- hum. >> ho-hum. thank you steve. >>> that is the time. drug and child endangerment charges the sad new twist involving the scandal involving her. >>> plus the lawsuit over its hiring practices. >> here is highway 4 at the pittsburgh area, traffic moving nicely. we will take a look at other bay area roads coming up. >>> good morning, well mostly clear. i mean there is a lot of low clouds out there. inland there
sunny, hot, highs in the low 90s with a 5:00 p.m. temperature of 89. probably not going to be till 4:00, 4:30 when we get that high. you can see the light showers we're watching from northwest. not all reaching the ground but west of town and south and east of town we're seeing it. rapahannock, just getting into fauquier county some of the heavier showers. this is all moving toward sperryville and warrenton and culpeper the next hour. down south we've had a little lightning down here, the eastern shore. temperatures this morning are well in the 70s. monika samtani, it's 6:00 a.m. problems are creeping up? >>> they're creeping up and so ared volumes. we're -- are the volumes. we're going to take a live look from sky 9 first at route 50. look at that long slow lineup. this is at route 50 heading inbound toward nutley street and the beltway. sorry about that. it's only 6:00 in the morning. we're going to go over to our maps. the beltway otherwise looks great. there is a problem if you're coming in from southern maryland. all those corridors are fine but a pedestrian struck on the northb
's what is "money" tonight. our special series, oil's dire strait continues. the u.s. spends a ton to protect the strait of hormuz and the oil supply that moves through it every year. would all that money be better spent making the u.s. energy independent instead? oil tycoon, t. boone pickens weighs in on that. >>> will the keystone pipeline finally win approval? transcanada submitted a new plan to the government. the ceo of transcanada is here with details in a first on fox interview. >>> democratic darling elizabeth warren slams inequality at convention but a former bain capital managing director ed kinard says the growing wealth gap is actually a good thing. he joins me to explain that one. we can't wait for that. even when not, it he is always about money. a even when they say it's not it is always about money. you know it that i don't to say it every day. because you know that. here are the he had he lines. bond buying program from the european central bank is getting roaring approval. the latest attempt to solve the european debt crisis. dow, s&p and nasdaq closing at a level
from the academy in 2005. prior to that, he served in the u.s. army reserves from 1994 to 2002. during his time with chp, he worked almost exclusively out of the highway patrol's office in martinez. he lived in this home in cordelia, married with four children. >> he was always playing with his kids in the front yard. i can tell that he was a good dad. >> police have now released what they believe to be the sequence of events which led up to tuesday morning's fatal shooting. it turns out to the murdered officer was on the scene at first to deal with a good deer on the side of the road. the second officer pulled over a green jeep wrangler. it was youngstrom who approached the jeep first. and within second, he was shot. moments after she was shot, a second officer who was behind the jeep shot and killed the suspect. youngstrom was put on life support yesterday and died of his injuries this evening. the suspect by this time has been identified at 36-year-old christopher lacy. investigators are still looking into the motive for this shooting. we are learning more about the gunman. accordin
, patchy fog near the coast z lots of sun in the morning. temperatures from upper 40s to upper 50s. into afternoon, mild to warm across the bay area and coast. highs around 5-60. inland highs about mid-80s, i'll give you a look at the weekend forecast in just a few minute autos thank you very much. >> and why some olive garden workers are suing the restaurant. >> a big announcement today from amazon. a live report from bloomberg west, just ahead. >> and later michael finney looks at new group of americans now feeling the economic pinch more than ever. >> let's go outside quickly to take a look at traffic on the skyway. the headlights coming toward you head together bay bridge. you can see it's inching along on this thursday. and frustrating for those folks. not so bad in the other direction. oorks a down loan stopped traffic this morning. chp tells us a phone line had been clipped by a semi truck. the line fell on a car shadowing a front window. chp shut down the highway until a crew determined waits not a hot wire and pulled it off the road. >> servers from the olive garden filed
-threatening injuries. they do not have a description of the shooter. >> of >>this just in to the kron 4 news room a u.s. airways flight has been diverted back to philadelphia of international airport because of a possible security breach. we have live photographs. it was going towards dallas however it was diverted back to philadelphia with the threat of explosives on this plane. this is flight 1267 the police are saying that they received a phone call stating that a specific individual had explosive liquid on his possession. he was attempting to gain entrance onto a plane. emergency crews are on the scene. 75 passengers have been removed from the airplane. there is an investigation however i will keep you updated from the kron 4 news fronews room >> tonight president obama is back to to accept the nomination. the state of ohio showing that the crowd went wild. the state of mississippi, with the delegates casting their votes. to get the 20777 and there was dianne feinstein there was also another familiar face, gabrielle giffords will be in attendance tonight. she has been busy with her husband, former
. steve is here, should we take an umbrella? >> south. >> wow. >> they are there. 60s, 70s and 80s, we will take a closer look then, here is tara. >> here is a live look at 101. traffic is looking good. in the south bay this is a look at the bridge. you can see traffic there. back to the desk. >> only on 2 we have new video to show you. a rescue happened in san jose. we are told a man fell off a roof and became stuck between two buildings there. ja anything janine de la vega is there. what is going on. >> reporter: yes , the victim is the suspect and there now treated for his injuries. behind me, i am standing here and this man is on top of the roof and was trying to jump from the building to the other building next door and he jumped and he fell 20 feet and wedged between an 18 inch gap and became trapped. police and fire crews were called here this morning and found 32-year-old man being trapped. we got video that shows that. he actually called police from his cell phone and told them that two men were chasing him with a knife so he was trying to get away and hide and that is how he
to be hot, a little humid. slight chance of a thunderstorm. high temperatures into the low 90s. that's almost 10 degrees above average. we'll have that seven-day forecast with big changes coming up in five minutes. right now here's monika. >>> thank you so much. howard. we're going to take a look at the beltway south of town in oxon hill here at route 210. nice and quiet to the wilson bridge as all of your major thoroughfares coming from the south. kenilworth avenue, only the right lane gets by. more traffic coming up at 4:55. >>> time for your first money segment ever the morning. -- of the morning. >> we're focusing on europe yet again. wall street waiting to see what comes from european's central bank meeting. analysts are hopeful officials will announce a bond buying program aimed at keeping interest rates lower. on wall street stocks were mixed after profit warnings from fed ex. the dow stands today at 13,047. nasdaq was down by almost 6 and the s&p 500 was down by one and a half. >>> wall street didn't seem too impressed with nokia's entry into the smartphone competition. share
christopher boone lacy is expected to meet with the d.a.'s office to talk about the case. lacy moved to tehama county in march 2011. he was a freelance computer programmer who used this website to look for work and dates. he claimed to have done contract work for several companies. a business owner confirmed lacy worked for him last year for four months. he said even then he concerns. >>> sometimes you can tell when people have -- they seem to be nice and conversational and everything, but you can tell underneath that they're angry, i would say. >> lacy's father tells us he saw mental problems from his son while he was growing up. he said his son suffered a psychotic break down during his senior year at san francisco state and diagnosed as bipolar. >>> an australian tourist in hawaii who killed a vacaville tourist while jet skiing is expected in court today he crashed into 16-year-old august 5th. today a judge sentenced them to time served, which was 12 days in jail. he was also ordered to pay a fine of $78,000. not before the court heard from the girl's mother. >> i go into her room every so
is back. >> low 90's this afternoon. but big changes in terms of temperatures on the way. let's start with live super doppler 7 radar. notice areas of light rain royal downfrom front towards lire, crossing over the blue ridge towards rappahannock county. 79 in washington, 75 at dulles airport, 73 in gaithersburg. 92 this afternoon, becoming sunny by midday. we cannot rule out an isolated showers later on this evening. . now to now to angela foster. >> no early incidents to report. cleared most of the overnight construction. those making the drive through a live's should be easy from 95 to lanes open northbound and southbound. between the beltway and the 14th street bridge, it's open. 0 in maryland threw 118, looks pretty good. down towards the capital not have anyshould early distractions this morning. back to you. >> thank you. the democratic national a closeion comes to obamat with president g his party's presidential nomination. >> the second night featured clinton.esident bill now the highlights. >> i want barack obama to be the next president. >> the most recent
and you can see some of the tropical clouds there now. i think the temperatures will not be that bad. '50s and '60s out towards the coast. >> it is a big night for president obama as he formally accept the democratic nomination for a second presidential term >> the weather has forced a big change of venue for the big address. >> the venue was moved from the bank of america stadium very disappointed. last night, disappointed would be the wrong word to describe bill clinton's appearance here. his speech really stole the night. >> made a surprise appearance on stage with president clinton at the democratic convention. president obama listen backstage while bill clinton nominated him for a second term >> all want to nominate a man who is cool on the outside but who burns for america on the inside. >> he then turned his sights on mitt romney and paul ryan. he summed up republican arguments this way >> he had not cleaned it up fast enough so fire him and put us back in >> he said romney's plans to cut the deficit with a tax cut does not have that >> is the arithmetic. we simply cannot afford to
. temperatures now into 50s and all the way to 80s, numbers so far this afternoon on the high end mid-80s so cooler compared to yesterday. there are thunderstorms clearing out and a mild pattern friday through sunday, tomorrow morning temperatures into 50s and 60s, we'll see phone shall there still, early in the morning for rain drops as i show you this is remnants of tropical storm john, once tropical storm that. is the moisture heading into southern california they're getting rain drops there and we're seeing some of the moisture into the bay area as an area of low pressure just lifting through. isolated thunderstorms tonight. we can see rain drops heading into wee hours of the morning. into thursday it's looking like a drier more stable atmosphere. there is 65 in san francisco. warm inland, upper 80s. there is 63 inmont rai. accu-weather forecast, looks like this. upper 50s to upper 80s testimony, there is a slight risk ending after the latter part of the morning. cooler forecasts only mid-80s inland and there is temperatures rebounding back to normal patterns for the weekend. and there i
can tell underneath they're angry, boy say. >> his father told abc 7's allen wong he and his wife saw mental health problems emerging from an early age, growing up in bend, oregon. >> sometimes we'd talk to him he'd be engaging and other times, he would be just kind of depressed and not wanting to talk or just kind of crawl inside of himself. >> craig lacey told us his son suffered a psychotic break his senior year at san francisco state. >> he was hallucinating and very paranoid. and he was in the hospital. they diagnosed him as bipolar and put him on lithium he grad waited with a 3.79 gpa, moved to this duplex in sausalito and the i team learned he got a hunting license that same year. >> i never saw him use a handgun before. but he was pretty good shot with it. with a shotgun. and a bow. >> his resume says he started a small farm homestead to sell produce online and to customers in the bay area. he wrote i also contribute significant time to the ron paul campaign and the liberty movement. with his mental health history and access to guns those who knew chris lacey can't comprehend
clinton tonight in charlotte. my guess is we'll get a great rendition of how good things were in the 1990s but we're not going to hear much about how things have been in the last four years. >> holman: meanwhile republican presidential nominee mitt romney continued debate preparations at a private home in vermont. however he took a quick trip to an appliance store in nearby lebanon, new hampshire, where he spoke with supporters about the needs of small business. wall street hesitated today, after a profit warning from the shipping giant fed-ex. the company said it's being hurt by a slowdown in business-- the latest sign that the global economy is dialing back. that was enough to keep stocks in check. the dow jones industrial average gained 11 points to close at 13,047. the nasdaq fell five points to close at 3,069. the passage of hurricane isaac has exposed oil from the 2010 spill, along the louisiana and alabama coastline. b.p. acknowledged today that the oily tar came from its record- breaking leak at a gulf well site. the tar balls and mats had been buried under sand since then, but re-
. thanks to jpmorgan, we have some headlines on goldman sachs. the u.s. appeals court revising some claims against goldman sachs on the mortgage security that it under road. basically digging up some old ideas and claims that could move forward, so they are back, they are alive. goldman sachs still a little bit up on that headline. back to you. dagen: the european central bank came out this morning and said they would step up and buy the debt of troubled m nations like spain. they will have access to ecb credit lines. and then the big dog making a big splash last night, president bill clinton trying to work his magic in the democratic convention in charlotte and he took on the question are you better off than we were four years ago? >> when president barack obama took office, the economy was in freefall, we were losing 750,000 jobs a month. are we going to go to that today? the answer is yes. dagen: art laffer joining us from nashville. what he said was true, that is roughly how many jobs we were losing when president obama took office. >> he is right, he is right. george w. bush was a pre
the morning and sunshine in the afternoon with temperatures in the '70s and '80s. one more day of saudi thunderstorm activity cranked to the remnants of tropical cyclone john. this is the tail end of it right here. as we get into tomorrow morning, i think this will be a good time for us to see thunderstorms' fire of the especially in the north bay and delta. as we move into the afternoon new-line as the cloud cover clearing. temperatures tomorrow in the '70s in the 60s for the most part. the inland valleys will see more 80 degree readings. of these temperatures will likely shoot up very quickly. they will stay cool through noon until the cloud cover clears. along the coastline temperatures will be quite cool here is a look a year extended forecast. , whether to the weekend. we will be right back. you're on timeout leo! some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof! some things will. you're on timeout leo! some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof! some things will. >> this just in to the kron4 newsroom, an update to the story we first told you about earlier in the broadcast. a hot spot in
controversial immigration law. on wednesday a u.s. district court judge refused to ban the so-called "show me your papers" provision, which requires police while enforcing other laws to question the immigration status of anyone they suspect is in the country illegally. >>> well, the rise of insider attacks against international service members in afghanistan has led to the removal of hundreds of afghan soldiers. afghan authorities say they are re-evaluating personnel to help stem the attacks, which are complicating plans to train afghan soldiers before the troops withdraw in 2014. the u.s. recently stopped training about 1,000 members of the afghan local police as a result of the rise of insider violence. so far this year 45 international service members have been killed, most of them americans. >>> and now here's a look at some other stories making news early today in america. in hawaii, just horrific video that was released, and it shows a deadly jet ski collision last month. the 20-year-old australian man at the controls pleaded no contest to negligent homicide charges. and yesterday a jud
, that game will be okay. we're looking at temperatures here in the 70s to around 80. both for the first pitch and the last pitch. the winds are out of the south at 8. we'll come back and talk about a cold front over the weekend. we'll tell you what it means to the late weekend plans. >> thank you. >>> coming up tonight at 7:00, a one-on-one interview with the maryland senator, live from the dnc in charlotte. and how come police tasered this lady, which he was already in handcuffs? if that does not look right to us, we'll tell you what happened at 7:00. >> okay, derek. >>> still to come in this half hour, good news in the wake of hurricane isaac after all that rain. >>> but first, metro's red line will get to work this weekend as you will want to know what will be closed for you before you need to make plans. >>> the judiciary square and union stations are going to be completely closed, but that work should be finished by the time the system opens on monday morning. >>> the fbi is trying to track down the person behind the airline hoax. the culprit called police this morning and they said a pa
two. there has been a big change. today on where the last night is going to be held. fox 5's tom fitzgerald is following this. the big outdoor stadium speech is coming inside. >> earlier today, thunder and lightning forecasts for the charlotte area. convention officials have decided they were canceling their plans to have president obama accept the democratic nomination outside at the nfl stadium of the carolina panthers. instead, he is going to deliver that speech in the 20,000 seat time warner arena where that convention is now being held. tonight, right now, democrats are turning their focus to healthcare and women's issues. leading the pack this evening was maryland senator. spoke about how the president's healthcare reforms have affected women's birth control issues, cancer screening, and other health concern. veteran cares issues were highlighted by a vietnam veteran, care he received 40 years ago compared to what the oma administration is promising for today's generation. >> we know every issue is a woman's issue. and equal pay for equal work is an all american issue. >>
in on the cloud cover and extends up to the sacramento valley. pop up showers. >> upper 40s. >> 49 degrees and mountain view. 10-degree spread. >> 51 degrees. little cool towards the north bay and hoe fog. and thunderstorms. >> and i saw a nice tweet. rain at the base. they will start making snow in 55 days. we are getting in that time of year and maybe for us already. we had one down towards san jose. and he continue persist the funneled up moisture and we are right over it today. >> it fairs east bay. and south bay. and we will mention it is not for everybody. >> not much change pin land. >> little bit warmer compared to yesterday. >> should see lower 80s and mid- to upper 80 informs. and seven in antioch. and 67 in allah media the and in lever more at 83 degrees. >> 80 at morgan hill. morgan hill. san martin. that's where you are in the window for most locations today's. >> pal low al toe and shares that with mountainside. cool 65. and pacifica, daly city. and low 60s. last couple of days. they will filter out and not going any place. it looks nice. we will look more at the storm tracke
. it will be in the low 90s in many areas today. average high should be 83. yes, still very summer like out there. your day planner, we start with clouds. as i said a few showers. by noon 85. some sunshine coming back out. this afternoon it's sunny and hot, 88 by 3:00. high today i think will poke up to 92. maybe by 4:00, 4:30 and by 6:00 we'll be back in the mid- to upper 80s which just a stray storm possible later on. we are dealing with the storms this morning or showers this morning, excuse me, coming across the region. really seem spread out from pennsylvania all the way back into west virginia. locally we're seeing the activity generally north and west of washington. now really getting closer and closer crossing interstate 81 off to our south and west. a few showers just west of leesburg and down 81. we'll be dealing with this for the next few hours. monika samtani, showers moving in. the morning rush hour. that's not good. >> won't be a good combination. if you're heading out early, i think it's a great idea. right now things are looking really good around town. the beltway no issues. all of the
to negotiate on equal footing with china, the u.s. and japan over politics and security issues as well. >> thank you hideo. the leaders of the apec members have started to arrive in vladivostok for a weekend summit. on friday president vladimir putin will give a speech at business forum. we will hear what he has to say about his policy on -- towards the asia-pacific. we also focus on china's increased economic presence in the far east. >> nhk world's karao nagao in vladivostok. >>> delegates at democratic national convention have nominated barack obama for a second term as u.s. president. the stage is now set with the showdown with republican challenger mitt romney in the november election. >> ladies and gentlemen, i have been informed that barack obama is now our party's official nominee for president of the united states of america. >> before the roll call, former u.s. president bill clinton took the stage to make his case for why voters should give obama another term. >> i want -- i want barack obama to be the next president of the united states. and i proudly nominate him to be the
. and we have general motors and the u.s. awe moe manufacturing. now doing great. it is really clear that they made it a part of the partisan payouts, so that barack obama could not succeed rather than putting our nation's interest first. so yes, he has not had a tough time to deal with, but he also had an opposition that was not interested in working with them. in fact, they wanted to see if that opposition would still be around. he had to come up with a way to get that opposition, or at least explain to them how they would need to do it, right? >> well, i mean he has. he has moved this country in the right direction. couldn't we have made more progress? well as he said, no president could have brought this country to where we wanted to be in the short time for years. considering the damage that was done. but what this president has done is move us clearly in the right direction that we're creating jobs, we are doing it in the right way, investing in our children. and yet we have to work with the republicans. and some will not work with us as we need to find a way to move on forward
in and around us around 90. folks in gaithersburg, only in the high 80's. tharoor morning, there could be some patchy fog will have the rain earlier around culpeper. muggy and humid. 72 and 73 degrees. a slight risk of an afternoon shower. outdoor -- it will be 90 to 92. stay in the air conditioning in schools tomorrow. the pattern begins to break down as we get toward the weekend with temperatures and the weather front coming our way. temperatures by sunday into the high 70's to the low 80's which is kust average. >> two more days of 90's and it will feel more like september. >> the nfl season gets underway. what is up with the m? the nats >> the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers -- moving you forward. >> you do not have to be a baseball fan to enjoy what is taking place on south capitol street. it is a year earlier than anyone anticipated. but the nationals rocking the baseball world. they beat the cubs tonight again and it was like a party at the ballpark. the offense was once again hit parade. the nats up 2-0. he had his mom and dad in the stands. 3-0 nation
on the possibility of racial profiling.. citing the u-s supreme court decision upholding that part of the law. the aclu says it will continue the challenge by documenting racial profiling in the state. health officials say at least 2500hundred people from 39 countries may have been exposed to the deadly hanta-virus at yosemite national park. hanta virus is a mouse-borne disease. people get the disease after coming into contact with waste or saliva of infected rodents. symptoms include: fever, muscle ache and diffficulty breathing. officials issued the warning is for anyone who stayed in yosemite national park tent cabins between june and august. last week, park officials shut the cabins down after finding that mice can burrow though holes in the walls. so far two men have died from the virus, and four others became ill. a little girl in colorado is recovering from a rare case of bubonic plaugue. the girl originally was admitted to the hospital with flu-like symptoms... and a fever of 107-degrees. doctors say the case was difficult to diagnose... because no doctor in colorado had seen a case o
and diminishing our threat of thunderstorms overnight. current temperatures in the 60s around the bay area. 72 degrees in antioch. 57 san francisco. these are the highlights. showers ending overnight replaced by dryer air. skies turning sunny tomorrow and a mild pattern friday through sunday and a calm one i might add. overnight tonight still some moisture lingering. fog at the coast. overnight lows mainly in the mid 50s tonight and here is what is happening in the atmosphere. satellite and radar composite shows a remnant low from what was tropical storm john well, to the south down in the pacific. generating a floor of moisture up in our direction. a warm stream of moisture into southern california. subtropical moisture. another stream throw flowing into the bay area which fueled whatever active weather we had today but start the forecast animation at 11:00. tonight. the moisture will tie tomorrow morning. during the day sunny skies tomorrow and dryer conditions and calmer more seasonal weather. down in the south bay look for partly cloudy to mainly sunny skies tomorrow. highs from upper 70s
around the globe, and here at home, where the s&p 500 stock index jumps to pre-crisis levels. how are investors feeling today, compared to four years ago? >> susie: and amazon introduces a new kindle fire, and the new paperwhite e-reader. we look at how its new models stack up. >> tom: that and more tonight on nbr! >> susie: u.s. stocks rallied to their highest levels in four years after europe's central bank announced a sweeping plan to solve the region's debt crisis. five weeks after pledging to do "whatever it takes" to preserve the euro, e.c.b. president mario draghi delivered on his promise by launching a program to buy unlimited quantities of euro- zone bonds. investors around the globe reacted to the concrete move with broad-based buying of stocks. on wall street, all the major averages rose by about 2%-- the dow skyrocketed 245 points, the nasdaq surged 66, and the s&p 500 jumped almost 29 points. mario draghi is finally getting his way. the head of europe's central bank has been battling the region's power players on exactly how to save europe. draghi's plan for unlimited
are in the mid- 70's. here is satellite imagery showing this area of rain over our area. we are over the northwest aids in baltimore. the clouds are beginning to break up. -- we are over the northwest edge in baltimore. we could have some more storms this afternoon. a low pressure area offshore. that is helping to stir things up right now. there is another cold front out to the west. it will be coming in. between that in the heat of the afternoon, it will trigger some more thunderstorm activity. in the gulf of mexico, it is a little piece of what is left of isaac. one part of it went up into new england and another part headed down to the gulf of mexico. forecasters are watching that to see if it develops into an additional tropical feature. a lot of thunderstorms and activities south of louisiana. we also have leslie. eventually, leslie will turn north. now it is to the east of bermuda. then we have michael. 150 miles an hour winds. it does not look like it will affect anybody. the eyewall on michael is spectacular. the winds around that are running 150 miles per hour. we are feelin
was dismissed as vice mayor. he fled to a u.s. consulate, and then investigators started to question him on allegations of corruption. that triggered a series of events that led to bo's downfall. bo is now under investigation for violating communist party discipline. bo's wife was given a suspended death sentence last month for murdering british businessman neil haywood. she say wang tried to cover up the involvement in the murder. >>> china is hinting at possible countermeasures against the japanese government's plan to purchase the senkaku islands in the east china sea. japanese officials said earlier that the gover a broad agreement to buy the eyelets from the owner to establish effective control in a peaceful manner. chinese foreign ministry spokesperson reiterated that the islands belonged to china. >> translator: japan is moving to nationalize the islands. this hurts the chinese people's feelings. >> hong said china is watching developments and will take necessary measures to defend it's sovereignty. >>> a magnitude 7.6 earthquake struck off coast ka resta reeic. officials ish ued
ashore in the u.s. >> that's good news. no landfall here in the u.s. we'll take that. >>> in other news this morning, arizona is one step closer to implementing the most controversial part of its new immigration law. a federal judge refused to block the so-called show me your papers provision. that requires police officers to ask about the immigration status of people who are stopped for other suspected crimes. civil rights groups, though, says that provision essentially amounts to racial profiling. >>> hundreds of people gathered at a mississippi church to celebrate the life of lucimarian roberts, the mother of robin roberts. robin said, thank you for remembering my mother. diane sawyer and charlie gibson were among those to pay their respects. mrs. roberts was the first african-american to head the mississippi state board of education. she was buried alongside her husband, a former tuskegee airman. >>> it is time, now, for the weather from across the nation. hope it's nice where you are. but you're going to see hail and gusty winds from southern nebraska to amarillo. showers into the
of the german marshall fund you'll be hearing from ellen. it is a network of 25 cities, 12 in the u.s., 13 in europe, and oakland is one of those cities, but i, of course, wearing my regional hat, have looked to expand what i have been learning through the network and the opportunities that present themselves to the network and to expand that. and where better to bring a cycling delegation than to the city of san francisco, a city very much on the verge of, i think, turning the tide in favor of cycling where there are 40-some-odd, 43-plus projects waiting in the wings for the environmental lawsuits to come to a close. so it is very exciting to have the opportunity for the delegation to come here, and i think the timely honkly, could not be -- honestly, could not be better. they have spent just over a day in the city of oakland doing a bit of a bike tour, meeting with elected officials there and a community open house last night where we had 80 folks turn out to listen to their talk. the other thing, obviously the public support and the public interest in this issue is alive and well and i
are 50s and 60s and we still have a lot of cloud cover overhead. showers ending thursday morning and slight risk of thunderstorms and a mild pattern for the weekend. here is the satellite and the radar. remnant lows of tropical storm john made their way up toward the bay area, and that's why we saw all of the active weather today combined with the daytime heating. for your thursday the showers will be ending in the morning and so will the thunderstorm threat. look what comes our way by late thursday morning into thursday afternoon. we are talking about sunshine in the bay area. first thing tomorrow morning count on a humid feel. we will see a combination of the midand high clouds and the fog in the morning could still be some damp roadways. slow down out there if you are heading out the door and give yourself some extra time due to the possibility of the showers. in the afternoon it is dry and upper 80sand warm in our inland valleys. 80 in san jose and 65 san francisco. half moon bay 59. santa rosa 78 and around the monterey bay, 63 in monterey and up to 84 in morgan hill. accu-w
: the decision 2012 and is. it obama as '90s shine tonight. as the he will be accepting the nomination. president obama will be offering america a better path. >> clinton said that if you like a winner take all mentality then that is contrary to the democrats >> with business and government action in working together appeared with relentless focus on the future ec. we believe we are all of this to gather this a far better philosophy then the philosophy of you are on your own. >> there will be another familiar face in the crowd. gabrielle gifford will be in attendance. she will not have world. -- role. just this last month different live back to to sign here and hurt her husband are putting together an organization >> listen up on voters. the conventions are talking to you. >> brought has fought so hard to increase and a key interest and late the the the base rates down. >> but our voters under 30 getting the message? the amount of young voters dropped in the 2010 midterms. >> we're very frustrated with the screening the yelling and the feeling like the system doesn't work for them. this un
and your weekend forecast. >>> well a hoax is being blamed for a disturbance on board u.s. air ways flight. they had been on the air for about 30 minutes when airport police got a tip that one of the passengers on board might be carrying some kind of bomb. >> there was a threat, but the threat was unsounding. that flight was never in any danger. and i just want to stress it right now that the mail briefly taken in from investigation has committed no crime. >> yeah, but the passengers were really annoyed. after the inspection found nothing, they did get back on the plane, they went to it in dallas. when they find whoever called that tip in, he will be in big trouble. >>> well a crash on i-95 in northern virginia left one driver dead. this one happened in the southbound lanes in fairfax county. investigators said that a kia was merging on to the road when it pulled into the path of the tractor trailer. and while you can imagine that the kia driver would kill. the truck driver is probably going to be okay. the name of the victim has not been released yet. >> crusading against the nightclub to
i said, september 2012. today will be in the 80s, summer hanging out. that's what i like. and wanda sykes hanging out. you're going to help out in this hour since savannah is down in north carolina. i'm curious why you didn't jump in and help us with the vulture and things like that. >> well, i like my eyes. i like to see and wolves, i'm a little nervous because i think a friend of mine picked up a stray and i think it's a wolf. >> you're thinking it's a dog? >> thinking it's a dog. i have to talk to her. >> have you called her recently? >> i call, the wolf answers the phone, "she's busy." >> especially if it's wearing a grandma outfit. >> you're going to co-host with us in this hour, which we're looking forward to. >> the first segment she's going to help us on is the e-buzz. we're going to get the inside scoop of everything hot in hollywood, kim kardashian. she's going to be revealing makeup secrets in a new gig with katie holmes. >> do you eat well when you're on the go? >> i try to, which means no. >> you're not a healthy snacker? >> no, no, i like chips, anything salty. >> frit
) in the mid-30's, the national recovery act was declared unconstitutional but it took until 1948 for the supreme court to finally put its nail in the system's coffin. it ordered the majors to sell their cinemas and function as distribution and production companies only. the classic studio era was over. paramount was the first to consent and as a result, its profits dropped from $20 million to $6 million in one year. the studios were so efficient that it was an oligarchy and the government came in and said, "no, no." it was much more efficient when the studios made movies, distributed the movies, and exhibited the movies. that ended in 1948 with the paramount decree. no more theatre holdings, no more cash flow, can't pay the overhead. (thomas schatz) you can't maintain and run the factory. when you own theatres, you knew that you had a seller. that a picture would go in and do so much money and you could depend on that. now without the theatres, you didn't have that insurance. so there was a tendency to cut back on production. when you cut back on production then you cut back on y
in to the kron 4 news room we have just learned that a suspect is under arrest after a u.s. air flight had to be diverted back to philadelphia because of a possible security threat. there was a phone call placed. after this phone call has already landed back in to philadelphia. it is flight 1267. philadelphia of police received a phone call that a person had possible explosives on him. they diverted the plane back to philadelphia a. it landed back at the reporter run 7:40 there were 69 passengers. and there were five crew members--reported a round 7-40 that suspect is being transported to the fbi for interviewing. we should report that the philadelphia international airport is still open we will keep you updated in the kron 4 news room. >> decision 2012 president obama will accept the nomination. the formal nomination was last night during the california politician, dianne feinstein was there last night. this crowd went wild. >> former arizona rep, gabrielle giffords will also be in attendance tonight. this was when she was after her first public after her recovery from her shooting. >> pr
in japan during its boot time and 1990s. she mainly marveled at the system, the organizations of corporations and schools and the way that individuals are part of a larger system. in china from my perspective you may only marvel the individuals and the friction -- the centrifugal forces around the country where people give turns to quote eric toby is in the middle of the world. sissy and these people i thought there is a tale to tell. let me now go to the second part of what is going to discuss initially, which is some of the larger tensions and developments within china that she is the microcosm and the suspect of high-tech innovation in the plot lines you can see anomalous in the other part of what is ambitious and frustrated unpromising and not developing in china. one of them of course is the nature of the all out push for in china. people often say how can the chinese public would oppose some of the constraints and limitations and oppressions of life in china in these days? the main answer is over the past 30 years from people at fighters in the past, tenures in the past,
the case that president obama's plans are more likely to return the u.s. to the economic prosperity enjoyed when he was president. we believe that we're all in this is a far better philosophy then if you're on your own. >>> president obama's will deliver his acceptance speech thursday night. daniel nottingham's cbs news charlotte's. duckweeds test for president clinton in california and got prime-time billing state attorney general, harris took to the states to back the president. dissuades president obama's stood with me and 48 other attorneys general and taking on the banks and winning $25 billion for a struggling homeowners. that is leadership. that is the president obama's said. and that is why we need to get hemmed another four years. the airways the attorney general of california is being held as one of the rising stars in the democratic party. >>> it's supposed to help low- income residents and it's paying off for nearly put people making nearly six figures. that is supposed to work on the honor system. we've learned about the big complex and may be inconvenient opening of the bay
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